$20 million Casting Call. Audition now!

Audition for The Marijuana Show now. $20 million offered for season 3 to a few lucky and talented entrepreneurs! Pitch your business in 2 minutes and if you win you get mentorship, opportunity to pitch accredited investors, press, possible distribution of your products, network with millionaires and experts too!

Video Transcript

– [Voiceover] Competing for the chance of a lifetime, the new show looking for pot entrepreneurs right here in Colorado. Dozens of people pitching their ideas for products and services to change the pot industry and make them marijuana millionaires.

– Hey there, I’m Wendy Robbins. I want to welcome you to The Marijuana Show where we sure have a buzz. Basically, what it is is it’s Shark Tank with pot-trepreneurs. So what we’re here to do is to teach, to train, to coach, to mentor, to bring all the people together so that they can speak effectively and they can get the money that they need for their idea. We have amazing people pitching, incredible ideas. And somebody obviously will become the next marijuana millionaire.

– Have you heard the news? There’s a new doctor in town. And she is making a new barium bitters but watch out, these aren’t your grandma’s bitters.

– We’re here all the way from Washington, D.C. to introduce to you hemp butter all in one.

– We’re going to change the way people grow marijuana.

– So my idea is a convenience food delivery service phone app.

– I was an animator. Back in the 90’s I worked on X-Men, Batman, Fantastic Four.

– We love Batman.

– And my fear is that I don’t make something of this.

– That’s it.

– So while we’re innovating the marijuana industry with agriculture pods, that is the springboard to a much, much, much bigger plan.

– [Voiceover] Nice pitch. Those watching, that’s a good pitch.

– I think I know what we’re going to do.

– I think it’s a–

– Call back!

– You are called back.

– I’ll give you $1.3 million.

– I’ll purchase the first franchise.

– I’m in for that.

– $100,000.

– Yes!

– $2 and a half million.

– $5 million.

– $250,000.

– [Man] Oh my God! Charlie, look! Charlie, we’re rich buddy!

– [Woman] Look, Charlie, you did it!