Can CBD treat cancer?

Video Transcript

– Our business, CloudCo Farms was founded about a year ago and our goal is simply to improve as many lives as we can possibly improve.

The reason why I started this business with my parents is because all four of my grandparents have had cancer and two of them have passed. One of them I never got to know, he passed when I was like one but my grandmother, she had breast cancer multiple times and she passed last November. My other two grandparents have cancer now and the struggle continues. And for me, there’s just no way that I’m going to allow my parents to get cancer or suffer the same fate.

I will be cultivating CBD rich cannabis strains that are non-psychoactive. They have no THC and we will be growing as much as we can fit on our 137 acre farm. If I received an investment, I would immediately be in working. For me, I think it would change my life because I would be able to improve many others’ lives and save a lot of families, keep them together, and I would be able to provide financial freedom for my family.

What’s at risk is my family’s life savings so we are all in. My parents have invested all their money. I thrive under the pressure. All I have to do is just think back to all the patients and people out there that we could help.

Next year, 14 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in just this country alone and eight million of them will die. On top of that, the pharmaceutical industry will deal over $300 billion worth of drugs which will lead to 16,000 overdoses. And the tobacco industry will cause six million deaths and make $35 billion doing it. So what are we doing about this?