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Vicki Keeth

Pitching a Cannabis comedy to be distributed by a major studio with A list talent. Pitching a 100 acre CBD farm with proper permits,licenses,greenhouses approved in Colorado

Dustin Klein

Pitching an easy way for patients to meet with doctors who understand the benefits of medical cannabis to get their medical cards in a clean, safe environment.

Andi and Chris Martin

ANDI and CHRIS MARTIN – Pitching a one stop shop for all things hemp. Her son, Christopher is the 10 year old CEO of Paw Puddy Products, cbd dog bones that help old dogs feel young again.

Sam Strom

Pitching a home party business for CBD products to help the 100 million people in pain who wish to use natural products to help rather then opiates and other pharmaceuticals. The products are legal in all 50 states.

Dan Kemmis

Pitching a unique advertising solution for the cannabis industry so that the videos are seen in dispensaries, doctor offices, and festivals. Ads and videos can be seen on all screens using streaming technology.