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Would you break the law to save a child’s life?

I love my mommy and she loves me. Mo Barnhart loves her daughter.  “I had Dahlia five years ago, so she’s five years old right now and was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was two.  So I went from having this dancing, affectionate, happy, playing two year old baby girl to having this dying […]

Legalize it!

#LegalizeIt from Marijuana Show on Vimeo. Powerful short film about legalizing cannabis and hemp. Mind blowing and heart opening conversations with children, moms, patients, politicians and lovable survivors of cancer and epilepsy who were illegally healed. Cannabis is Federally Illegal and parents are in prison for a healing plant. Is it time to re-think prohibition? […]

Can CBD treat cancer?

Video Transcript – Our business, CloudCo Farms was founded about a year ago and our goal is simply to improve as many lives as we can possibly improve. The reason why I started this business with my parents is because all four of my grandparents have had cancer and two of them have passed. One […]

Are Doctors Profiting from Chemotherapy? Share this.

The US Government has had patents on cannabis for 10 years. Still think that cannabis has no medical uses? Watch this!, #cannamoms, #legalizeit, #thecannaview, #wendyrobbins, #karenpaull Produced by The Marijuana Show – Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins Directed by Wendy Robbins Edited by Jace Perrodin Music by Aviva Flyingpenguins Video Transcript – I am […]