Club Hemp launches pure, high grade hemp oil from The Marijuana Show contestants from Season 2 and 3

Club Hemp Oil

Club Hemp grew from the Sangre Cristo Mountains in Taos to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Utah, and now to your door with pure hemp oil

Legend has it there’s a hum in Taos, New Mexico, an odd sound that emanates from the city and no one really knows where it’s coming from. Perhaps it’s partly due to the vibrant energy of Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull, who created the Shark Tank of Cannabis and have been growing hemp businesses in the industry for 4 years.

One thing is for sure, out of that hum grew Club Hemp leveraging the skills and drive of 3 companies – Green Equity Media, Cloud Co, and Restore Skin Balance, all rising out of the experience of The Marijuana Show, now in its 3rd season on Amazon Prime.

The hum they are creating is from helping passionate entrepreneurs raise funding, build farms, grow warehouses and funding for the tools to make hemp oil. Maybe it’s the high mountain altitude the team behind Club Hemp all live in that brings out that special vision that only leaders have, showing an industry where to go by simply taking the first steps, stumbling, and finding a way.

Each part of the Club Hemp team deeply believes in the power of hemp to heal, and always following an organic, clean, and nano amplified approach to growing and manufacturing hemp that brings you the select special products we have here at Club Hemp.

We’re inviting you to join us in Club Hemp not to simply buy hemp oil, but to participate in an awakening that goes way beyond the myths and stereotypes many project about the industry.

Wendy and Karen produce The Marijuana Show, which in Season 2 introduced them to Luke, a 25 year old who left Wall Street to build his first hemp farm, and in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, is growing some of the finest, organic hemp he can so that people can benefit from the many healing benefits this plant has to offer people, and the pets we love.

All Natural Rocky Mountain High Grade Hemp and the Season 2 True Story of the Wall Street Neophyte who Left to become the Organic, Master Hemp Farmer

“A lot of times, we’ll go off of somebody’s passion and somebody’s reason why they’re doing something,” Robbins says. “His family had already put all their retirement money into this farm with the belief system that he would succeed.”

“There was something in us that just knew that he would do whatever it took. And sure enough, he really has,” Paull adds.

At a glance: Cloud CO Farms

Business Launch: October 2015; started cultivation in February 2016

Location: Alamosa, San Luis Valley, Colo.

Cultivation space: 11,500 square feet

Products Offered: CBD isolate, distillate, tinctures, capsules, clones and processing services

Fast Take with Luke from Cloud CO Farms:

Biggest challenge with cultivation: “The plants never take a day off!”

Something people don’t realize about operating a hemp cultivation business: “The amount of time and labor that needs to be put in to properly maintain a healthy commercial crop.”

Some lessons learned: “Having no background in cannabis cultivation or processing, I’ve learned an enormous amount over the last three years and continue to do so. One lesson I’ve learned is you can’t do everything yourself because there simply isn’t enough time in the day, and time management is important. For example, bringing on some labor help in the greenhouses, so I can spend more time on sales, branding and product development.”

What keeps you up at night: “Everything! There’s a lot riding on our business, from the people whose quality of life we’re aiming to improve to our family’s retirement savings, and all the time and energy spent to get to this point. From managing the grow, the processing lab, sales, branding, accounting, product development, compliance, human resources and so on, there is plenty to think about throughout the night.”

What helps you sleep at night: “Work as hard as I can to know I did everything I could that day/week/year and live with the results.”

Season 3 and in the Mountains of Utah, Heather Lawrence builds Restore Skin Balance with Nano Amplified, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and her own Proprietary Blends dedicated to improving lives.

“Only July 5, 2015 I quit my job and Restored Balance was born.

Passion + Perseverance = Proven Results

Since that day, I’ve never lost focus of the vision I have to bless the world with wellness. And we have. With our very first samples, we had clients driving 40-50 miles to pick up our products, because they couldn’t wait a few days for us to mail it to them.

Those clients are now loyal members of the Restored Balance family.

With stories like that we couldn’t stop there. We kept going— adding more and more to our line of products. Having people tell me, “Hey do you know what this stuff is doing to my skin? It’s amazing!” –is both gratifying and humbling, although comments like this became a selfish pleasure.

When I hear, “I look beautiful again,” or “Come feel my skin!” It still chokes me up every time I share that part. I love to help people feel the joy my products produce.

My customers continue to drive innovation with each new product, and continues to bring me joy and immense satisfaction.

Our products are meant to remind you of your natural beauty. They have that designer look, feel and smell… but without the designer price tag.

And the best part is they actually work."

She’s why Club Hemp’s product is unlike any other…every drop has a bit of love added to it, naturally.

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