Episode 9 – Season 1

http://www.themarijuanashow.com — Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins produce the show which is like “Shark Tank for legal cannabis businesses.”  The show received a lot of press:  #CNBC, #CNN, #ABC, #FOX, #NBC, #NPR, #Bloomberg, #Entertainment Weekly, #Fortune, #Forbes, #Inc, #Wall Street Journal, #New York Times, #Washington Post, #High Times, #dope.

This episode shares #cannabis regulations and laws.  This industry changes daily.  You can end up in jail if you don’t follow the laws.  This episode has apps, and technology in it too.  Enough geeky stuff to thrill you!

Contestants are given challenges that will test their biggest fears.  They have one week

to accomplish their goals.  Would you succeed?  Are you living your life to the fullest?

Watch entrepreneurs compete to get mentorship and/or investment.

Would you buy their products?  Are they ready for investment?

Do you think that products need to be tested

#sharethebuzz and if you want to audition for the next season go to http://www.greenequitymedia.com.  Sign up as an ENTREPRENEUR.

Create a 2 minute pitch video selling your business. Then add your documents.

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