The Marijuana Show Season 3 Contestant – Erai Beckmann

Erai Beckmann founder of Humanity

AKA “Mr. Cannabis”, Founder of Humanity

Erai Beckmann has founded multiple successful health startups earning combined 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue. 2 of his startups have been purchased in full or for a majority equity % in the past 3 years. One of Mr. Beckmann’s most recent startup created a multi billion dollar market cap in only 8 months.

Mr. Beckmann helped found the creation of HempMeds Brazil in May of 2014. HempMeds Brazil achieved a historical precedent throughout 2014 in Brazil by working in collaboration with the Govt of Brazil and their equivalent of the NIH aka ANVISA to allow for the first time a CBD rich hemp oil product to be legally imported into the country, and on the 14th of January 2015 the Brazilian government officially legalized CBD forever as a result of it’s work in collaboration with Hempmeds Brazil and it’s partners.

Since 2014 Erai has deployed over $1.2 milion+ into the cannabis industry and generated more than $10 million in gross sales from his own businesses he’s founded and run, he’s credited with having helped legalize Cannabis in Brazil and is now working on a NEW paradigm of Cannabis with his most recent venture Humanity…

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Excerpt from the Humanity Web Site


We develop entirely new categories of wellness products designed to have smaller doses of THC and work more effectively.

The result? Anxiety relief, pain relief, a good night’s sleep, and so much more.
Ask for Humanity THC+ Capsules and Serenity at dispensaries throughout California.


We are committed to THC products that are boosted with helpful ingredients such as algal DHA and MCT oil, while remaining vegan and gluten free always.


Our Serenity anxiolytic supplement incorporates a micro-dose of THC with a blend of traditional herbs and nootropic compounds formulated for easing symptoms of anxiety.

Serenity is an essential nootropic wellness solution for adults who wish to heighten their overall experience with relaxation, social ease, and mental acuity.

An anxiolytic – developed to ease symptoms of anxiety – Serenity quiets your mind while boosting your acuity, with just enough THC-optimized effect to enhance your state.

The effect is similar to mental noise reduction – a subtle but effective removal of cognitive static so that your experience is calm, clear, and focused.