Forbes review – the Shark Tank of Marijuana – says “Legal cannabis is now a multi-billion-dollar business. Let that sink in for a minute.”

Forbes Shark Tank of Marijuana

They all laughed at The Marijuana Show – the “Shark Tank of Marijuana” – when it began in 2014, stereotyping the cannabis industry as a bunch of stoners and tie-dye fringe businesses trying to make an illegal industry mainstream. When the New York Times called The Marijuana Show the “Shark Tank of Cannabis”, that was a news point of view, but now we’re moving into real business.

Forbes is about business, and by calling out the Shark Tank of Marijuana comparison once again, shows that this industry has moved way beyond the days of being in the shadows, as it moves into the light of everyday business.

See the truth – watch Season 3 now

So when we read the Forbes article reviewing Season 3 of The Marijuana Show, more than just smiling it brought validation to an idea whose time is long overdue. As Forbes’ contributor David Carpenter puts it:

Once considered the domain of sloth-like figures in tie-dye shirts, legal marijuana is now a mega-industry firing on all cylinders. A hotbed of activity for pot capitalists looking to solve problems for the weed faithful, so-called “ganjapreneurs” are banking big profits. They’re also shattering worn out stoner stereotypes.

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‘The Marijuana Show’ Offers Millions In Capital Investment To Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Moving beyond the idea that marijuana is some illegal activity done by a group of people who sit around all day, now we are finding more and more media embracing the true cannabis industry.

Industrious, innovative, and intelligent, the new breed of cannabis entrepreneurs are just that, serious businesses who are gaining traction in mainstream stores, and making people aware of the health benefits and possibilities that the cannabis industry is bringing.

For example, The Marijuana Show contestant Heather Lawrence is a mother of eight from Utah, who runs Restored Balance, and is talking to a major drugstore chain about including her health and beauty products in its stores.  As she shares in the Forbes article

“It’s cool to watch people change and open up and understand that it’s not about a drug. It’s not about getting high.”

The Marijuana Show brings serious investment to the cannabis industry at a time of rapid growth, yet more than just a Shark Tank pitch of a few minutes, each contestant is taken through a personal and business journey in order to select the next Marijuana Millionaire:

“Putting participants through a boot camp of trials, hosts Paull and Robbins — who represent the High Finance Fund  on the show — quickly get to the core of what’s standing in the way of additional success for the budding entrepreneurs. They ask questions like: “Who were you not allowed to be as a child and how has that affected you now?” Paull says posing such personal questions “produced fast and intense intimacy that created powerful and authentic relationships” during filming.”

It’s clear from reading this article that cannabis is becoming a movement, as the first CBD drug for epilepsy is approved by the FDA. No longer framed as an industry of recreational marijuana, this is a new industry with its sights on bringing new products and mainstreaming marijuana into legitimate business run by real people.

As companies go public on Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange, the antiquated idea that marijuana is only about getting stoners stoned is falling by the wayside. In its place, as Carpenter notes,

One of the most refreshing aspects of the series might be its uncommon portrayal of cannabis enthusiasts as regular people — far from being druggies huddled in smoky basements. These are motivated businesspeople who are respected in their communities and serious about their work. Contestants include: a mother of eight from Utah who’s created a cannabis skincare line; an ex-pro football player pitching the “Cliff Bar of cannabis”; and a techy with a cannabis-specific software solution that integrates retail point of sale and inventory management for pot dispensaries and delivery services.”

The Marijuana Show is honored by our contestants from all 3 Seasons, and looks forward to our upcoming Season 4 when we will shine the light on more entrepreneurs, and breakthroughs, who are growing businesses that help people and bring the cannabis industry the respect it deserves.

The old days of prohibition and outdated profiles of cannabis users as lost are over, replaced by the new face and energy of a growing, vibrant industry taking its place. The Marijuana Show was there at the beginning and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, with new and exciting businesses coming to us every day.

If you know anyone running a business like this, remind them that Season 4 auditions are closing soon; make sure they apply to become, possibly, the next Marijuana Millionaire.