Her husband is in prison for giving someone a plant

Video Transcript

– We woke up to take the kids to school like we did every day.

Chris had noticed there’s a lot of police out today. They followed us over eight miles. We got up to a four way stop. It was a big intersection by the kids’ school. The truck turned right and he was ripped out of the vehicle by a SWAT. I was pulled out by my hair backwards by police officers. One man, he grabbed my daughter, leaning in my vehicle with a big gun and he grabbed her shoulders and started pushing them with guns in the kids’ faces. And they took me and my kids to the Sheriff’s Department and we sat there together.

My kids had to sit there for over six hours. We had a business, we had an attorney telling us what to do so as far as we knew, we were following the laws. We were doing what Arizona said that we needed to do. Me and Chris met when I was 15. We’ve been together now 13 years. We’ve never been apart so this is a shock. The kids have never been away from him. We’ve always done everything as a family. I want to legalize cannabis.

We aren’t the only family this has happened to. My kids aren’t the only kids that have been tortured or scared by this. We’re not the only ones and the more people can see that there are so many of us, it’s not okay. And I think people need to see the severity of what’s really happening over a plant. Over something that’s saving people.