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Forbes Shark Tank of Marijuana



Watch the Digital Film Premiere of #LegalizeIt on Tuesday. October 30.

Both free and available until November 7, 2018.  

 The Marijuana Show is premiering its third season, August 1st, on Amazon Prime.  The popular show is like The Profit, Survivor and Shark Tank. Nine entrepreneurs compete for mentorship and investment. They are put through emotional, physical and professional challenges for a week in Taos, New Mexico.

During the process, 2 projects were spawned; a film, #LegalizeIt, showing the power of cannabis to help those suffering, and a joint venture between 2 contestants. We'll share these with you.

Are people who consume cannabis lazy losers?  If you watch most television shows, they typically show stereotypical stoners like the old  Dazed and Confused movie myths. The Marijuana Show reveals a growing community of smart, savvy, and engaged people pioneering a multi-billion dollar industry in hemp and marijuana products.

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From Boston to San Jose, San Antonio to Toronto, and virtually every major city in the US and Canada are spreading the word about The Marijuana Show. 

Check out who's sharing our media release, and share with your friends - help us spread the word and spotlight our Contestants who are improving health while shifting hearts and minds from the old stereotypes to the new understanding of marijuana as a healthy and powerful alternative to traditional approaches.

'The Marijuana Show' Launches Today on Amazon Prime

"A Show about Real People in the Cannabis Industry"


"The popular show is like "Shark Tank and The Profit meets Survivor" as nine savvy and engaging entrepreneurs pioneering a multi-billion dollar marijuana industry compete for mentor-ship and investment. Cast members are put through emotional, physical and professional challenges and one contestant becomes the next marijuana millionaire."

"Massive mainstream press helped the show be seen by Millions; with season 3 projected to be seen by 10 million people. There is a huge audience for smart cannabis shows especially since over 60 percent of Americans think cannabis should be legalized and It is medically legal in 30 states."

Silicon Investor

"The Marijuana Show was created to end the misguided stigma and the reefer madness myths while educating prohibitionists on the plant’s medical benefits. The show has offered $20 million and now the producers are launching High Finance, a cannabis and hemp equity fund, because of the powerful demand by investors to be part of this growing market."

Pittsburgh Business Times

"The producers held auditions all over the country searching for the Next Marijuana Millionaire. The cast has fascinating and emotional backstories, coupled with unique products or services." 

business journals across the us are sharing the news!

From Orlando to Sacramento, Baltimore to Phoenix, Houston to Milwaukee, and virtually every major city in the US, the trusted and local Business Journals are exploring the fascinating world of the booming marijuana business. Even in states where it's not yet legal, they clearly understand that this is a movement gaining traction nationwide.

"Miner & Co. Studio's survey results of several hundred cannabis users reveal that over 86 percent are employed full-time and 77 percent make more than $75,000 a year."


Fun, Raw, & Compelling

"I love everything written and produced by these ladies... They do a great job of bringing to the light the “why” of cannabis legalization while also creating shows like this that help bring an industry insider glimpse for the rest of the world to see the “what” and “how” of the emerging new market. Love them and their work!"

Love these ladies and this show

"Love these ladies and this show! It has helped me build confidence and learn from other entrepreneurs in the Cannabis space, showing anything can be possible if you work hard at it. It is also so cool seeing so many familiar faces from the industry that have been grinding and hustling for the last few years."

Do Yourself a Favor and

Binge Watch

"The MJ Show just keeps getting better and BETTER! I binge watch every time a season airs... I literally can't help myself. I'm inspired to become the next marijuana millionaire, myself."

go ganjapreneurs!

"As the episodes go on, we learn more about the hopes and dreams of the contestants. It's inspirational to hear their stories and be witness to their dreams. I want all of them to win! "The filming and editing are great. It's fun and beautiful to watch.

Moving and enlightening.

"I love how this show is shining a new light on the benefits of this beautiful plant. It touched on many of my emotions. I can't wait for the next set of episodes."

Authentic look inside the cannabis industry

"The Marijuana Show provides an authentic look inside the booming cannabis industry. Wendy and Karen shine as producers and personalities—they could make a show about anything and it would be worth watching. The Marijuana Show accurately portrays the challenges and opportunities faced by cannabis entrepreneurs as we continue the fight to end prohibition."

And the Emmy goes to, "The Marijuana Show"

"This season is excellent and goes deeper than the past two, has more real authentic moments shared by the real authentic entrepreneurs, not some Hollywood stereotypes. I highly recommend you watch this season, share it with your friends and especially prohibitionists because it reflects that the people behind the industry are amazing, passionate, loving and talented! I am hooked, and can't wait to see the finale this fall! The producers, Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins not only have a hit on their hands, they have an Emmy Award show here."

Season 3 is AMAZING!

"All I can say is WOW! The first 2 seasons were great, but this one is amazing! It's educational, funny, and grabs your heart. Karen and Wendy do such a wonderful job of mentoring the contestants not only with their pitch, but why they're are doing what their doing in the cannabis industry. As you get to know the contestants, you start rooting for them all!!"

amazed by their ideas

"The show was incredible, all the players, amazed by their ideas, it has all aspects of how Hemp has been around for years, and the amazing products it can produce. Karen and Wendy were fantastic!!! Loved it!!!!"

Top Hat !!! Programming

" I very rarely watch a program that grabs and holds my interest in a multiplicity of ways. This show is tops! It's like nothing I've ever experienced. It's unique unto itself, it's a combination that's theatrical, educational, entertaining, quirky, hopeful and interesting beyond any mere reality show, but the most wonderful thing about this show is that helps so many people.

It teaches those that otherwise don't understand how natural medicinal plant medicines can help promote health, and wellness. If Amazon Prime is bringing this type of programing to the people it is leaps and bounds ahead of other programming networks. BRAVO! These real life medical stories of common folk with ailments being helped by these natural medicines are astounding.

And all these entrepreneurs needing Shark Tank funding, the program get's us as a viewer attached and connected and then we have a stake in their eventual ( hopeful) funding. The director/ producer of this program Wendy Robbins I think is brilliant . But, the imaginations of both power house creators including Karen Paull can be seen throughout the whole program, it is very well produced and edited,The Marijuana Show held me spell bound. Good Job!"

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#season 3 free ends in