The Marijuana Show Season 3 Contestant – Lia Conzemius

Lumina Botanicals CEO/Founder

Lia Conzemius is s designer and entrepreneur experienced in cultivation and operations management. She is passionate about opening peoples hearts and minds to a wellness lifestyle using whole plant medicine. Her vision for the green rush industry is to create prosperity, prioritize Eco-friendly practices, and be of service to others. By bringing smart and talented people together for a mission, Lumina Botanicals grows to be a global brand. Lia aims to inspire and motivate as a pioneer in the cannabis industry.

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About Lumina Botanicals

(from their Web Site)

“Lumina Botanicals provides quality products made with organic hemp.  Our proprietary herbal formulas are crafted with the finest ingredients using whole plant medicine. You deserve the best.

We are dedicated to positively impacting our community and focus on wellness as a lifestyle; striving for optimal health in mind, body, and spirit. By using environmentally sustainable practices including solar power, recycling, waste conservation we are the model for the next generation cannabis brand.

Lumina Botanicals was established in 2017 to support the Lynn & Erin Compassionate Use Act in New Mexico.  As a nonprofit, we have a responsibility to serve our community.  By offering opportunities to an underserved market, Lumina Botanicals makes a difference. 

Bringing cannabis out of the darkness and into the light.”