The Marijuana Show Season 3 Contestant – Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson Oblend


Matt Wilso is Altopa’s co-founder and product visionary. Matt has primary responsibility for Altopa’s consumer experience, the company’s product vision and overall strategic direction, and generating business momentum through awareness & education. Matt is a startup veteran with over sixteen years’ experience building early-stage companies. His entre into the cannabis industry was prompted by a personal experience with medicinal use of cannabis.

In 2013, the Wilson’s beloved family border collie, Numi, began experiencing uncontrollable seizures and was quickly diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Through a confounding process of trial and error, Matt finally found a product that worked and a consistent source for an RSO-like cannabis oil. In a short time, the treatment not only controlled the seizures but significantly extended Numi’s life.

 Over the last several years, Matt has immersed himself in the industry working with several cannabis-focused enterprises with the goal of learning all he could about the science, the medicine, and the market.

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