Ricky Williams Invests in Cannabis Business.. should you too?

Video Transcript

– [Voiceover] Ricky Williams is not going to be caught. Touchdown, Dolphins. There goes Ricky!

– [Voiceover] In 2004, at what seemed to be the peak of his career, Williams suddenly retired from football. He returned to the NFL in 2005 and played 12 games but after the season, was suspended for 18 months for multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

– The way that the story was told was that I retired from football to smoke pot. And I did smoke when I retired from football but really I retired from football to find myself. I think I would have ended up just being another washed up football player who was in a lot of pain. I came back to football after a year off.

– [Voiceover] A 28 yard burst and sprint by Ricky Williams. After such a long lay off, we saw Ricky Williams come back last year but this year, boy, does he look good.

– And now I’m an advocate. One, because I truly believe cannabis helped me play football for 11 years and I also look at how my life was almost ruined because I failed a drug test for cannabis. I’m advocating so people don’t have to experience what I experienced for taking care of themselves and doing what’s right.

– You know, the NFL drowns in pain pills. It’s the grease that keeps the league running. This is the most frightening epidemic I’ve seen probably since the methamphetamine epidemic beginning in the early 90’s.

– Well, right now I’m most interested in pain relief. For me personally, and the people I’m close to with my former teammates, I just see far too many of us suffering. When you look at the financial problems that we’re dealing with as a nation, specifically individual states, I think if as a group our governments can be smart about this, I think it can provide a lot of jobs. It could provide a lot of financial security and stability for our country.

– [Voiceover] Are you investing at all?

– I am.

– [Voiceover] You are investing in the cannabis space?

– I am.

– [Voiceover] And CBD?

– Yeah.

– [Voiceover] Nice. ♫ How you gonna change the world ♫ Are you gonna be the changer ♫ Are you gonna wait for change to rearrange you ♫ How you gonna change the world ♫ are you going to be a changer ♫ or are you gonna wait for change to rearrange you ♫