August 1, 2018 – Season 3 of The Marijuana Show Launches on Amazon Prime

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      Cannabis stereotypes are so yesterday

Los Angeles, July 31, 2018 - Are people who consume cannabis lazy losers?  If you watch most television shows, they typically show stereotypical stoners like the old  Dazed and Confused movie myths. Shows like “Disjointed” on Netflix were rejected by viewers and cancelled after the first season. The Marijuana Show reveals a growing community of smart, savvy, and engaged people pioneering a multi-billion dollar industry in CBD and marijuana products.

The Marijuana Show is premiering its third season, August 1st, on Amazon Prime.  The popular show is like The Profit, Survivor and Shark Tank. Nine entrepreneurs compete for mentorship and investment. They are put through emotional, physical and professional challenges for a week in Taos, New Mexico.

The Marijuana Show ends the misguided stoner stigma by showing hard working professionals dealing with personal and professional challenges in a multi-billion dollarindustry.  The Hollywood Reporter surveyed hundreds of cannabis consumers, finding that:

  • 77% make more than $75,000 a year and
  • 86% are employed full-time.  
  • 250,000 high paid jobs will be created in the cannabis industry.
  • Over 60% of Americans agree it should be legal.  It is in 30 states, with 5 more states voting on legalizing marijuana in November including Michigan, Utah, Oklahoma, Arizona and Missouri.

The show is the brainchild of the dynamic duo, Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull, leaders in this movement:

“In 2014 we had the idea to look for the next marijuana millionaire.  That became our tagline. We decided to pay for the production and two weeks later we had 200 people audition.  The show became a huge hit and a year later we got a million dollar investment to finance future production” said Karen Paull.

Massive mainstream press helped the show be seen by 3 million people and season 2 seen was seen by 7 million and now season 3 is expected to be seen by 10 million people.  

“We shot our first season in 2014 and in 2018 the industry is still dealing with the same problems - limited banking, insurance issues, no traditional investment or advertising.  We offer businesses all of that and a global marketing opportunity.” said Wendy Robbins, director/producer.

The show has offered $20 million and now the producers are launching High Finance, a cannabis and hemp equity fund, because of the powerful demand by investors to be part of this growing market.

Who are the contestants on Season #3?

The producers held auditions all over the country searching for the Next Marijuana Millionaire. The cast have fascinating and emotional back stories, coupled with unique products or services.

  • Restored Balance’s CEO,  Heather Lawrence, a mom of eight children lives in Utah, she created a natural cbd skincare line that has been called immortality in a bottle.  
  • Mark Restelli, CEO of Hwy was a professional football player with a career ending injury.  He pitches for an investment for the “cliff bar of cannabis.”
  • Jessica Ferranti representing Sesh Technologies has a machine that can roll 420 joints in 2 minutes.  
  • Matt Wilson and Nicole Wicker pitch the Oblend, a home dispensary unit that blends the perfect wellness recipe.
  • Lia Conzemius Luz competes to raise money for her hemp farm and products with Lumina Botanicals.  
  • Humanity’s, Erai Beckmann’s father died of liver cancer, motivated by love, he and his team created products to help patients.

Watch the show to see who becomes the next Marijuana Millionaire, and visit the show’s website -- --  to learn more about all the contestants and their products.

Mentors include:  Bob Hoban and Brent Johnson of The Hoban Law Group, the premier cannabis law group and Bob Eschino, founder of Incredibles.

Sponsors include:  Reliable Bud, Cannakorp and Vapor Connoisseur.

“Going back to our show, it’s been reported that over 100 million people consume cannabis. There is a huge audience for smart cannabis shows. Our timing to distribute the show now is to help educate and advocate before the midterm elections. We produce our show to stop the stigma, to end prohibition and the futile war on drugs.” said Wendy Robbins, director/producer.

The producers may be coming to your town soon to show clips from the show and #legalizeit, a powerful 30 minute movie focused on the medical benefits of cannabis.  

It’s an opportunity to bring a prohibitionist to the screening and to have an honest conversation.  Screenings are planned in Oklahoma, Utah, Tampa, Boston, Springfield, DC, New York, Denver, Arizona, New Mexico and Los Angeles in August and September. If you are interested in screening the film please contact

Thanks to the New Mexico Film Commission and the town of Taos, New Mexico.

The Marijuana Show (#mjrealityshow) was created and produced by Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull and is in its third season seen by millions on Amazon Prime.  Information on the cast, products, behind the scenes, videos, Bud Camp and updates are found @  

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Heather Lawrence,

Co-Founder of Restored Balance

Heather’s personal journey towards restoration began with her first sales job when she was 16  years old. Years later, when a direct sales company approached her to lead the charge in launching a new skin care line with amazing results, she accepted the challenge. And she had great success. But to her, the greatest success was seeing the powerful, transformational results the products had on so many lives.

Heather learned that her own formulations were more potent than the company. She then spent years assembling a powerful Discovery Team of Scientific Experts, Doctors, Chemists and formulators to research, test, and develop her line of organic skin care. On July 5, 2015 Heather quit her job and Restored Balance was born.

visit restored balance

Jessica Ferranti ,

Senior VP of Sales STM Canna

Imagine rolling 420 joints in 2 minutes.. Enough said… Over the years Jessica has been a passionate key leader in innovative, early-stage start-up’s. With STM’s 100% clean technologies, she works with the largest Cannabis processors in the World to incentivize the creation of more chemical free cannabis products for consumers.  

She strives to achieve rank in the “30 under 30 list” both as a woman and LGBT advocate. Utilizing this platform she aims to launch a variety of global initiatives to positively impact the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Find out more about STM's products here

Matt Wilson,


Matt is Altopa’s co-founder and product visionary. Matt has primary responsibility for Altopa’s consumer experience, the company’s product vision and overall strategic direction, and generating business momentum through awareness & education. Matt is a startup veteran with over sixteen years’ experience building early-stage companies. His entre into the cannabis industry was prompted by a personal experience with medicinal use of cannabis.

In 2013, the Wilson’s beloved family border collie, Numi, began experiencing uncontrollable seizures and was quickly diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Through a confounding process of trial and error, Matt finally found a product that worked and a consistent source for an RSO-like cannabis oil. In a short time, the treatment not only controlled the seizures but significantly extended Numi’s life.

 Over the last several years, Matt has immersed himself in the industry working with several cannabis-focused enterprises with the goal of learning all he could about the science, the medicine, and the market.

Find out more about the Oblend here

Nicole Wicker ,


Nicole has three decades of executive leadership and financial experience and is responsible for establishing Altopa’s vision and overall strategic direction to ensure operational efficiency and value creation. She has as successful track record in the healthcare and technology industries with an impressive history of delivering disruptive products and technology innovations to consumers, positioning organizations for success, spurring rapid sales growth, opening new revenue streams, and building highly accomplished teams.​

Her expertise ranges from VC-backed start ups to publicly traded companies and centers on driving early-stage companies to commercialization and rapid growth. Previously, Nicole was the CFO of TearScience, a medical device company that became the fastest growing company in NC. She started her career in San Diego with Ernst & Young, advancing to Senior Manager. Nicole has raised over $180 million and was awarded NC’s "CFO of the Year" and "CFO of the Fastest Growing Company". She has a passion for business strategy, disrupting industries, and positioning companies for successful exits.

Find out more about the Oblend here

Erai Beckmann,

AKA “Mr. Cannabis”, Founder of Humanity

Erai has founded multiple successful health startups earning combined 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue. 2 of his startups have been purchased in full or for a majority equity % in the past 3 years. One of Mr. Beckmann’s most recent startup created a multi billion dollar market cap in only 8 months.

Mr. Beckmann helped found the creation of HempMeds Brazil in May of 2014. HempMeds Brazil achieved a historical precedent throughout 2014 in Brazil by working in collaboration with the Govt of Brazil and their equivalent of the NIH aka ANVISA to allow for the first time a CBD rich hemp oil product to be legally imported into the country, and on the 14th of January 2015 the Brazilian government officially legalized CBD forever as a result of it's work in collaboration with Hempmeds Brazil and it's partners.

Since 2014 Erai has deployed over $1.2 milion+ into the cannabis industry and generated more than $10 million in gross sales from his own businesses he's founded and run, he’s credited with having helped legalize Cannabis in Brazil and is now working on a NEW paradigm of Cannabis with his most recent venture Humanity...

For more information on Humanity click here

Mark Restelli ,

CEO Hwy Brands and CannTrade

Mark is a former professional football player who sustained a career ending foot injury while playing for the Miami Dolphins.  It took a total of 4 surgeries over a 3 year period to get his foot back into functional shape.  Realizing cannabis was the only medication that could safely relieve the pain from 20 years of football injuries, he dove headlong into the cannabis industry at the close of his professional athletic career.

He soon discovered that cannabis would be his lifelong passion. Mark earned a degree in Agricultural Business with a minor in Viticulture from California Polytechnic State University. Mark spent the last 5 years working in the medical cannabis industry.  He started growing cannabis in his garage and used his skills in design and marking to develop medical cannabis products for several shops and brands. In 2014, Mark founded Plant 2 Products, a collective that is now in the final stages of building and licensing its edible production facility.

Most recently, Mark co-founded Hwy Brands, “The Cliff Bar” of the Cannabis Industry in a CBD and THC version, and CannTrade, a software company whose focus is to connect cannabis business and provide them with resources and services to get their products out across the state. CannTrade is currently operating in California and Arizona.

For more information about Hwy Bar, click here

Chris Dell’Olio,

Co-Founder and CEO of Webjoint

Chris is an Entrepreneur and web developer with 7+ years of extensive experience in a wide array of technologies and business development strategies. Currently CEO of PyroTree Inc., a web solutions company focused on the advancement of software and web applications in the medical and recreational marijuana industry. PyroTree Inc. owns and operated - the industries first premier website builder and POS system as well as a new directory to find local dispensaries and deliveries. 

For more information on WebJoint Click here

Lia Conzemius,

Lumina Botanicals CEO/Founder

A designer and entrepreneur experienced in cultivation and operations management. She is passionate about opening peoples hearts and minds to a wellness lifestyle using whole plant medicine. Her vision for the green rush industry is to create prosperity, prioritize Eco-friendly practices, and be of service to others. By bringing smart and talented people together for a mission, Lumina Botanicals grows to be a global brand. Lia aims to inspire and motivate as a pioneer in the cannabis industry.

find out more about Lumina Botanicals, click here


Robert Hoban,

Managing Partner Hoban Law GrouP

​Bob Hoban is the Managing Partner at Hoban Law Group, the nation's premier canna-business law firm, with attorneys in over a dozen states and abroad. Bob is recognized as one of the leading commercial cannabis practitioners nationwide; representing private and publicly-held clients in numerous states and abroad.

He has litigated nearly every aspect of Colorado’s Marijuana Code and has closed over 300 marijuana-related business transactions. Marijuana and hemp-based business operations, related litigation and regulatory counsel are a specialty. He is an AV® Preeminent™ rated attorney and seasoned full-service commercial practitioner. Bob is also the Senior Legal Adviser to High Finance Fund, the premier Hemp and Cannabis equity fund.

Brent Johnson,

Partner, Hoban Law Group

Brent is a member of the Hoban Law Group Executive Team and specializes in the representation of closely-held entities and emerging growth companies through the whole business life cycle, including entity selection, formation, equity and debt financing transactions, acquisitions and the eventual transfer or sale of the business. In addition, Mr. Johnson acts as general counsel to clients and supports ongoing operations, including commercial transactions, contract drafting and negotiation, intellectual property, employment, governance and general business matters. 

Brent has over 20 years of legal, finance and executive level management experience. He’s held key leadership and general counsel roles at numerous small and mid-sized growth companies and managed hundreds of corporate and financing transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $2 billion. Brent is also the Chief Strategic Adviser to the High Finance Fund, the premier Hemp and Cannabis equity fund.

Hamish Sutherland,

President and CEO at White Sheep Corp

​Hamish is a hands-on team builder and leader with a history of success creating, designing and executing comprehensive operations, marketing, business development and sales programs and strategies. I value most a commitment to customer satisfaction, clear statement of value proposition and market focus. Business culture preference is for change-oriented operations reaching for a new plateau. I excel in high-growth, dynamic business operations in pharma, technology, solutions, manufacturing and services. 

About White Sheep Corp

White Sheep invests in and operates cannabis cultivation licensees on four continents in addition to investing in seed-stage and pre-revenue "picks and shovels" companies in the cannabis industry in North America and any and all other legal jurisdictions. We specialize in entrepreneurial businesses that have well defined intellectual property.

We bring decades of experience in fund management, combined with licensed cannabis operations - clone-to-customer - through every stage of a cannabis operation. Our CEO has been responsible for the creation of at least $600 million in shareholder value through leadership of a global cannabis company, including construction of a 52,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation and processing facility, as well as 50 Health Canada inspections, free of major observations or recalls.

Our Chairman was responsible for the original software venture funds in Canada, with dozens of successful exits, creating over $1.3 billion in shareholder value.

Mike Tanzer,

Co-Founder of Red Tape Ventures

Mike is the Co-Founder of Red Tape Ventures, an investment company that accelerates early stage entertainment, cannabis and technology companies.