The Marijuana Show Launches “Light It Up” Album to help Fund Cannabis Nonprofits

In Celebration of 4/20, The Marijuana Show Launches “Light It Up” Album to help Fund Cannabis Nonprofits: NCIA and CannaMoms


The Amazon TV Show Pledges to Help Push the Conversation of Legalization Into the Future with the Light It Up Indica + Sativa Album

Denver, CO. April 7, 2017 — With the annual 4/20 cannabis holiday approaching, The Marijuana Show, (TMS) an Amazon TV series dubbed “The Shark Tank for Ganjapreneurs,” is excited to announce the release of a curated digital album to generate donation funding for NCIA and CannaMoms, two nonprofits pushing towards national cannabis legalization.

“Light It Up: an Indica + Sativa Playlist” is launching on 4/20 for $9.99 at both and iTunes. Comprised of multiple music genres, the tracks are organized into two categories one for upbeat (Sativa) moments and the other for down-tempo (Indica) moods, together providing a way for the canna-community to not only acquire new tunes but to also help push national cannabis legalization.

“CannaMoms and NCIA are very dear to us,” said TMS co-creator and host Karen Paull. “We are legalize it advocates, love connecting people and this album is a great way to generate funds, allow the musicians to reach new listeners and also provide a way for consumers to join the fight while scooping up some new tunes,” added Paull.

A portion of proceeds will aid NCIA, the only national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry organization pioneering the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, in addition to CannaMoms, an organization of mothers advocating for the right and option to utilize cbd and/or cannabis in the care of their own critically-ill or special needs children and was co-produced by Tornadic Entertainment LLC and The Marijuana Show.

The album will also be available at Denver’s hottest new event, 420 On The Block, at The Marijuana Show’s exhibitor booth. The booth will also have special order rolling papers, an additional way to donate to NCIA and Cannamoms, plus a photo booth where interested Ganjapreneurs can submit a two minute video pitch to the judges and possibly secure a spot on Season 3 of The Marijuana Show.

“420 On The Block is an elevated experience where we can come together to celebrate cannabis through music, art, comedy and community in a safe, regulated space. As pioneers of the industry and cannabis-related media, The Marijuana Show felt like a natural partnership for the celebration,” said Adrian Zelski, founder of New Earth Muziq.

As The Marijuana Show gears up for Season 3, so too are hundreds of hopeful cannabis entrepreneurs all seeking a chance to garner funding from the $20 million private equity fund titled, the “High Finance Fund.”

The Marijuana Show

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