The Marijuana Show™ Season #4 Update or How Covid-19 Almost Wiped Us Out!

The Marijuana Show™  Season #4 Updates

or How Covid-19 Almost Wiped Us Out

By Karen Paull, Co-Founder, Co-Creator and Executive Producer

May 22, 2020


I must admit, the Covid-19 virus almost wiped us out. We had decided to do a show in partnership with a company in Canada, our funds were running out and we had this last hope of making our final season about the kick-ass public companies in Canada.

Then the virus hit. We couldn’t travel anymore, the idea of filming in Canada was out, and suddenly we realized we didn’t have the right partners, either. Wendy and I felt hammered by what felt like the fate that was handed us. We almost gave us, turned in the towel, so to speak.

Not to paint a dark picture of our journey, we had many wins along the way including raising $1,000,000 for our company, which funded Seasons #2 and #3, hired over 120 contractors, paid for lawyers, accountants and staff. We are in deep gratitude for our first investor and will always consider him a friend.

However despite our wins, we had many roadblocks during the way. Some are hilarious and could make an entirely new reality show; like securing a million dollar lake house in Denver to shoot Season #2, and losing it due to narky neighbors. True story, we were filming outside by the lake, and a neighbor decided he didn’t like our subject matter so he started his lawn mower and would not stop, then he called the police. So, we lost our location and had to switch to a new location while the clock was still running on our crew of 45 including camera, sound, set, PA’s, cast and investors. It was a nightmare, and our new location was in a work-live space that we had only a few hours to re-set.

Just like most companies in the Cannabis industry, you have to be resilient and flexible in this industry and be able to switch on a dime, to turn things around and create something new out of what appears to be a dismal truth. So we did…

Season #4 Update

First, we dug deep into our own personal savings and bought out our investor. Made the company 100% ours, so we had more flexibility and took away that constant feeling someone was over our shoulders. We got our trademark, we started reaching out to Cannabis influencers that we trusted and built solid relationships over the past few months.

Next, we brought in some money from creative joint ventures and negotiating on a project we had been working on “backstage”. We can’t reveal more about it except to say, it gave us the fuel to hire back our web developer, and update our website, re-launch our e-store, and launch the next Season!

1,000 Zoom meetings later, we found the right partners to help take The Marijuana Show to the next level. We always envisioned that our show would graduate from Amazon Prime to a major network for a boat load of ROI for us and our investors on the television show. And now we have found the right partners.

Season #4 UpdateOur producing partners have a sound studio in Newport Beach, and they have sold three shows to major networks this quarter alone. Our mutual goal is to film a new polished, in -studio sizzle reel that will spark the network executives to sign us for a few seasons on Netflix, Discovery or another major network.

Another gift Covid-19 brought us is our viewing audience. People are going through and binging shows like never before, but most major studios are still closed while smaller production companies like ours are thriving!

 Cut to Auditions for Season #4 Sizzle Reel~ We are seeking ACTORS to play investors and contestants on the sizzle reel–to give the best possible 5 minutes the studio exec’s have ever seen so they green light our show.

Season #4 Update

With that announcement, we are in a rush to secure one investor to put her/his name on the sizzle reel, with their company’s brand all over it. This will be our flagship sizzle reel that gets shared all over the web with a goal of 1 Million hits minimum. It will be flashy, higher end, polished, shark-tank-esque, brilliant and over the top. This nominal investment is the last piece needed, if interested email us at:

For those wanting to be on the sizzle reel, we are filming in Newport Beach in June 2020, so you have to be there and auditions are live now!

Good news! If chosen for the sizzle reel and/or the show, your audition fee is refunded in full, plus actors chosen for the reel are paid! What a deal!

Wendy and I are over the moon and thankful to this time in order to rethink and reshape our company to the highest level, to the place we have always envisioned our show, on a network and a household name!

Our goal, as it has always been, is to remove the stigma that still exists that Cannabis users are lazy, that Cannabis is a gateway drug, or that Cannabis is for losers. While the SAFE banking act was implemented, most banks still do not support our businesses, so our show is a vehicle for Entrepreneurs to get funded by investors!

It’s time to celebrate Cannabis users and reflect the real lives of people in our industry so we can finally legalize Cannabis in the USA! We also want to reflect the diversity of our community, and share the beauty of collaboration that happens every single day in the Cannabis industry.

Thank you everyone for your support through all these years, as we celebrate our six year anniversary in Cannabis, we honor all the friends and fans we have made over these years. We could not have done it without you!

Take it higher, follow your dreams!

Karen J. Paull

Executive Producer

Season #4 Update




Karen Paull