This industry is illegal. Why you should invest now!

Video Transcript

– We actually anticipate the market will grow to over 17 and a half billion dollars by 2020. So very very dramatic growth curve, and it makes it one of the fastest growing industries in the nation.

– I would recommend it to somebody who loves the product and knows how good it is and is happy to give it to people to make people better. A lot of people who innovative and can figure out ways to build out brands. Looks like that’s a market they should get in.

– Kelly how big is pot? High Time, it has it’s own Shark Tank show.

– I knew the show was coming.

– I’ll give you $1.3 million dollars.

– I’ll purchase the first franchise.

– I’m in for that.

– $100,000.

– Yes!

– You are insane.

– Two and a half million dollars.

– $5,000,000.

– $250,000.

– [Man] Oh my god. Charlie look!

– [Woman] Charlie!

– [Man] Charlie we’re rich buddy! We did it!

– [Woman] Look Charlie you did it!