Pennsylvania medical marijuana companies try to kill MMJ research program

Six growers and nine dispensary owners in Pennsylvania have filed a legal challenge to a fledgling medical cannabis research program they contend would “flood the market with medical marijuana” and undercut their businesses. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the coalition of MMJ companies is asking a judge to nullify the state-authorized research program before it gets […]

8 Best Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain Relief

Pain, whether chronic, severe or intractable, is one of the most common health conditions for medical marijuana use. Pain can be caused by arthritis, migraines, neuropathy, inflammation or other health ailments. Luckily, there are plenty of marijuana strains to alleviate pain. A common misconception is that only indica strains will combat pain, but this is not […]

Israel Pharmacies to Begin Selling Medical Marijuana on April 20

20 pharmacies in Israel will start selling medical marijuana via prescription on April 20 as part of the country’s pilot program to regulate medical marijuana sales. The Israeli government approved marijuana reform in 2016. There are 900 submitted applications for permits to cultivate and process marijuana, CTech reports. Changes to the process of obtaining a […]

Four get lengthy prison sentences in botched marijuana robbery that led to murder of Loveland man

Denver District Attorney’s Office, supplied Joshua Binns Denver District Attorney’s Office, supplied Seth Binns Denver District Attorney’s Office Ryan Arellano Denver District Attorney’s Office, supplied Mackenzie Fay Show Caption of Expand A Denver district judge on Friday described a botched marijuana robbery as a goofy, crazy caper that did not make sense to a rational, […]

PHOTOS: Mile High 420 Festival at Civic Center Park in Denver

This year, the cannabis industry has taken control of the annual 4/20 event in Denver’s Civic Center Park for the first time- organized by Euflora, a growing chain of dispensaries that started on the 16th Street Mall. For the free event that’s now called the Mile High 420 Festival, Euflora officials promise a more professionally run […]

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