Ganjly Founder Interview: Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull talk about their Marijuana Show
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This Mystifying Marijuana Syndrome Can be Alleviated with Hot Showers
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License applications rolling in as Connecticut adds medical cannabis dispensaries
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Pennsylvania medical marijuana companies try to kill MMJ research program
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NCIA leader vows to move forward while ex-board members question group’s direction
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Israel Pharmacies to Begin Selling Medical Marijuana on April 20
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Four get lengthy prison sentences in botched marijuana robbery that led to murder of Loveland man
Denver District Attorney's Office, supplied Joshua Binns Denver District Attorney's Office, supplied Seth Binns Denver District Attorney's Office Ryan Arellano[...]
PHOTOS: Mile High 420 Festival at Civic Center Park in Denver
This year, the cannabis industry has taken control of the annual 4/20 event in Denver’s Civic Center Park for the[...]


The Marijuana Show is the first-ever reality show about investing in Cannabis, created and produced by Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull. The #MJRealityShow has connected wanna-be ganjapreneurs with more than $13 million in financing, plus more than $20 million on the line for Season Three. The show is produced by Green Equity Media, LLC, an online platform where accredited investors, Ganjapreneurs and fans can watch, rate, review and share their favorite pitches; plus accredited investors can invest in a deal or Cannabis equity fund.






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