Turn It Up for the Cannabis Cause

By Courtney Freeman

It’s time to celebrate our favorite, revolutionary plant, and now, we have just the perfect soundtrack for that moment! In honor of April 20th (4/20) a.k.a National Cannabis Appreciation Month, the producers of The Marijuana Show have curated the playlist to your 420 fun. A portion of the proceeds from sales of their new, just announced album Light It Up: an India + Sativa Compilation benefits two powerful organizations aimed at supporting cannabis legalization — CannaMoms and NORML.

The songs are perfectly curated to accompany 420 festivities with tempos that rise from the modern bluesy-swing tones of Truffle Shuffle by Maxine to the hybrid Latino reggae feel of Lighters from Gbasky. The show producers have eloquently compiled a cadre of songs with something for everyone or at least those with a refined cannabis palate. And as the title implies, the mix will take listeners from a chill indica vibe to a sativa high note.

“This album is not a typical ‘stoner’ compilation,” asserts the show’s director Wendy Robbins, it’s mostly original new artists we featured in our show and hot emerging artists about to turn stars.”

The producers are ramping up for Season Three of The Marijuana Show with the promotion of Light It Up! “We are advocates for legalizing cannabis, and we were thinking this album would be a great way to both allow the musicians to reach new listeners and also provide a way for consumers to join the fight, while scooping up some new tunes,” says Karen Paull, host and co-producer of The Marijuana Show.

Offering a new investment fund, “High Finance Fund” of $50 million for Season #3 2017, the series is projected to reach twice as many people with the new, groundbreaking episodes. Called the “Shark Tank for Ganjprenuer’s,” The Marijuana Show is the first ever reality show for cannabis investing, picked up on Amazon Prime! Viewers are introduced to the most exciting products that the cannabis industry has to offer. Contestants compete for investment and a chance to make Green Rush history.

Cinnamons’ is a great example, making history by safeguarding lives. Mothers determined to secure safe access to much-needed cannabis medicine for their children founded the non-profit organization. Karen and Wendy felt inspired to launch Light It Up after meeting the organization founders Mo Barnhart and Tara Thrift when they auditioned to pitch on Season 3.

NORML is an organization with a bit more heritage. Members have been working to reform marijuana laws since 1970! Their site is a great resource for legislative updates, scientific research, and news about cannabis wins across the US.

“CannaMoms and NORML are two organizations that are very dear to us,” said Karen. “We are advocates for legalizing cannabis, […] and we were thinking this album would be a great way to generate additional funds for NORML and CannaMoms.”

You can help support cannabis legalization and these beneficiary organizations by downloading the album from Amazon now, go to: www.themarijuanashow.com (Our home page).

Be sure to tell your friends about it too. This is one 4/20 with music to “Light it up”