Would you break the law to save your child?

– [Voiceover] I love you.

– I love my mommy and she loves me.

– I had Dahlia five years ago, so she’s five years old right now and was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was two. So I went from having this dancing, affectionate, happy, playing two year old baby girl to having this dying patient in a hospital bed over night, literally. Dahlia’s nightmare had just begun because while still intubated from that surgery, she was started on chemotherapy. And as a single mom, we had no life anymore. Everything disappeared. We lived solely to save Dahlia’s life.

I had no idea that from the time of diagnosis on, that I would have literally no options. The very first surgery that she underwent, they literally told me that if I didn’t agree to that surgery, they would do it without my permission, that if I did not agree to the conventional treatment options they were going to give me, which consist of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, the state would take custody of her and she would undergo those treatments without me. These medical professionals are not evil, their hands are tied. We have some really bad laws. Dahlia was prescribed some really harsh and dangerous drugs.

Most of the medications come with side effects like psychosis, homicide, suicide, death, and that’s all we have to offer these children. At some point the shock started to wear off. And a few months into treatment I realized that my daughter was going to die unless I did something about it. I looked up over the course of just a few months, thousands of supplements and alternative treatments. What I found time and time again was that cannabis was very efficient just for treating the symptoms and side effects of both the disease and its treatment. So I let her medical professionals know that I was having cannabis shipped in to an illegal state, in Tennessee, where St. Jude is. And we were all onboard that it was none of our jobs to enforce laws, our jobs was to enforce the well being of this child. I started her on cannabis oil about six months into treatment. The very first night that she took oil, she slept through the night for the first time in her entire life. She gained three pounds the first week she was on oil. All of the science, for or against in the world doesn’t even matter. You’re witnessing it with your own eyes. I was against drugs, and quite honestly, I didn’t know the difference between one drug or another. I’m just so ashamed to admit, but had this been on a ballot in front of me, I don’t think I would have voted for it. I also never had somebody sit down in front of me and explain to me that this was medicine. These types of things are things that I think CannaMoms as an organization really helps to raise awareness of and education about. And it’s a domino effect because we’re gonna touch thousands of people nationwide and globally. And in a few generations, the healthcare system we see in America today, the fact that we have not a single cure for a single disease for illness that these children suffer from, that’s all gonna be changed and it’s gonna be through the parents.

-That’s good.

– Oh no, really?

– Was there something in here once?

– Yep, there was cancer in there.

– And then what happened?

– We killed the cancer.

– Wow, you’re so strong.

– [Moriah] You said–

– [Dahlia] I said…

– And I like that. And I agree.

– [Wendy] She seems like a really, really good mom, huh?

– Whoa, really? Wow.

– Mommy, thank you, mom.

– [Wendy] Oh my God.